Smart HVAC

Smart phones, smart speakers, smart cars — with so many other parts of your life enhanced by technology, why not add your HVAC system to the list? Not only can installing a smart HVAC save you money on your bills in the long run, but it can also add more value to your home as a whole, as new homeowners are increasingly interested in homes with energy-efficient technology.

The team at Action Heating &Air is trained in smart HVAC installation and repairs, so when you’re ready to upgrade to a new-and-improved HVAC system, we’re just a phone call away. Get to know more about the benefits that a smart HVAC can provide your home, and reach out to our trained technicians with any questions.

About our HVAC Services

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A/C Service & Repair

If you’ve had the same HVAC for ten years or more, then switching to a smart HVAC could save you anywhere up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. In addition to allowing you to program heating and cooling schedules, the system also allows you to sync the thermostat to your smartphone, giving you the ability to change and control the temperature whether you’re at home, at the grocery store, or even on vacation halfway around the world.

Money-saving technology

While smart HVAC technology is fairly new, there are already studies that show just how effective it can be for homeowners. In fact, tests have shown that upgrading from a traditional HVAC system to a smart HVAC system can save some households anywhere from 10-12% in heating costs and 15% in cooling costs, amounting in over $100 in savings per year.

For households already in need of a new HVAC system, making the switch to a smart HVAC will likely pay for itself down the road.

If you’re curious about exactly how much you can save by making the switch, give one of our trained technicians a call, and we can walk you through how much you can expect to spend on installation, saving in the long term.

Connect your home

Since the smart HVAC system is still fairly new, advances in technology are being made every year. In the future, consumers may see systems that are equipped with specialized sensors that are able to detect and alert homeowners to leaks and areas of concern before they turn into major problems. Not only that, but other technology, like smart faucets and water main shutoff valves can make your home even more prepared and efficient.

With constant changes and additions happening in the smart technology world, it can be hard to navigate what the best and most cost-effective options are for you. Our technicians are trained and knowledgeable in the latest smart technology and would be more than happy to walk you through your options, pricing, and installation procedures.